“Since I was a child, I had always wanted perfectly straight teeth, and unfortunately my genes were not in play to give me this in quite the fashion I had envisioned. A year ago I decided that the developments in dentistry were there to make us feel better, so I embarked on some serious research into the different ways this could be done. It was fairly important to me to find an option that was somewhat invisible and I initially read about lingual braces. This option however proved to be incredibly expensive. I also read about clear braces, but with the wire, this option was too visible. By chance I came across Invisalign (What an amazing invention!) and went to see both Roger at Downtown Dental and also another dentist in Auckland offering a similar service to get a comparative feel for their treatments and services. Going with Roger proved to be by far and above the best option. Not just in terms of value and the great convenience of location, but also because of his manner and the feel of Downtown Dental and their very friendly and personable team. Most of our lives we fear going to the dentist, but for some reason this just doesn’t feel like one.

This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself on a personal level and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like an easy and invisible way of getting the smile they want. I am absolutely chuffed and it definitely has left me with something to smile about.”


My experience with the Invisalign programme has been a really positive one. The appeal for me was the practically invisible nature of the braces and the short length of time it took to straighten my teeth (only a year!). Another benefit was the fact that it could be removed when I needed to eat and I had no problem cleaning my teeth properly as is the case sometimes with the standard braces. Also, consultations every 4-6 weeks was yet another advantage. I had a really pleasant experience throughout the Invisalign programme and at no time did I find it to be a hassle, knowing that the alternative would have been a lot more bothersome for me. The practice had a really professional approach and were really thorough in explaining to be me my various options before I started the Invisalign programme and what my expectations should be throughout the process. I found Roger and the team at Downtown Dental to be really friendly and very accommodating to my needs as an Invisalign patient. Since the Invisalign, I’ve gotten many compliments on what a nice smile I have now that I’m confident to show it.