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About Orthodontics in New Zealand

The specialty of orthodontics

In New Zealand, orthodontics is a recognized specialty field within dentistry. This means there are qualified specialists available known as orthodontists. Orthodontists have a qualification recognized by the Dental Council of NZ (usually a Doctorate or Masters degree in Orthodontics) which allows them to use this title. Specialist orthodontists are limited to orthodontics only and are not able to practice general dentistry. However, as with all the other specialist fields in dentistry, general dental practitioners can provide orthodontic services provided they have the appropriate training.

Dr Tiang’s philosophy for practicing orthodontics dictates that he will only provide treatment to those cases which have problems appropriate to his own level of skill, training and experience. Those cases he assesses as beyond this level will be advised to seek treatment from a specialist orthodontist. Dr Tiang is not a specialist orthodontist but this can be a real advantage as by drawing on experience in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, Dr Tiang is able to provide a very balanced approach to correcting the problem of misaligned teeth and provide options utilizing advanced technology and techniques from many different disciplines within dentistry. There is a saying which goes along the lines of “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Seeing Dr Tiang gives you access to the full garden shed of tools.